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Accessing Keychain from Dashboard
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Accessing Keychain from Dashboard


I am trying to build in Keychain functionality within my Dashboard Widget.
After I was able to get it running, I got some concerns.
At the moment I am trying to access passwords, stored by an other application.
(The widget is meant to be an extension for that application)
But when running it, Keychain asks me to grant DashboardClient access to that password.
Since all Widgets are run by DashboardClient, ALL Widgets would be granted to access the password.
This is not the way it was intended and opens a security hole.

Since Widgets are only executed as Plug-Ins of DashboardClient they are not stand alone applications.
They are created as Cocoa Bundles.

Is there a way to only grant access to a Bundle or Plug-In?
Also, how reasonable is it to do such things from within a Widget?
Even if I'd like to store my own passwords, Keychain would allow all Widgets to access them, not only mine.

Any suggestion I highly appreciated.



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