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SHA1 hash for public cert in keyachain
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SHA1 hash for public cert in keyachain

We have an app built to support 10.4 and up that needs to set an identity preference when running on 10.5 and up systems. As we need to support the lowest common denominator (10.4) we believe we're left with using the CLI, "security set-identity-preference" with the -Z option (as our user certificates' "CNs" are not necessarily unique). But how to get the "SHA-1 hash of certificate"...

Is there an CDSA/Apple API to retrieve the fingerprint (SHA-1 hash) of a certificate from the keychain? If not, does anyone know how this can be most efficiently computed starting from here:


Thanks in advance,

Keith Moores                                 <mailto:email@hidden>
Network Systems Senior Engineer/Supervisor Network Infrastructure
ITC-Communications and Systems Division
University of Virginia, ITC-2015 Ivy Rd            Phone  (434) 924-0621

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