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Problems with BELPIC.tokend
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Problems with BELPIC.tokend

Hi there.

We'are experimenting some trouble due to (we guess) the version 36720 of BELPIC.tokend. Our troubles are mainly represented by a SCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION, or SCARD_W_RESET_CARD.

We are developing smartcard middleware, are we are seing those error return values when we insert a card in a reader. This was not the case with previous version (35209: shipped with Leopard) of the BELPIC tokend, and disabling it (simply renaming into BELPIC.tokend-disabled) restores the behavior we used to have.

What seems to occur is that the tokend, when probing the inserted smartcard is communicating with it using an exclusive connection (SCARD_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE). At this point, we are simply wondering about the utility of such a connection as it's just about /probing/ the card. I guess no one is used to modify the internal state of the card, where it would make sense to request a exclusive connection, at probing stage.

For now, we are systematically disabling BELPIC.tokend during the installation of our middleware.

Do you have any idea of what is causing our trouble, and is there any way to have a working situation with both BELPIC and our middleware ?

Best Regards,
Benoît Allard
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