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problem with Authorization Plugin
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problem with Authorization Plugin


I am trying to write a daemon that will log in to OS X automatically when a user connects remotely to this daemon.  The user credentials are sent to the daemon by the user's client program.  I knew that I could perform the automatic login by means of an AppleScript, but this is sometimes not working properly and I wanted to find something more robust.  It was suggested to me that I should write an Authorization Plugin, and consider this task like wanting to login using a smart card.

I managed to write an Authorization Plugin, which is being called before the loginwindow plugin.  I am using the SetContextValue() function to set the username and password, but this is not working.

In /etc/authorization I added the bold line:


I am using the SetContextValue() function as follows:

    char *uname = strdup("MyUserName");
    char *pwd = strdup("MyPassword");
    AuthorizationValue av_uname = { strlen(uname), uname };
    AuthorizationValue av_pwd = {strlen(pwd), pwd };
    SetContextValue(EngineRef, kAuthorizationEnvironmentUsername, 0, &av_uname);
    SetContextValue(EngineRef, kAuthorizationEnvironmentPassword, 0, &av_pwd);

    SetResult(EngineRef, kAuthorizationResultAllow);

The plugin is being called.  I know this because the login screen does not show up before SetResutl() is being called.  However the login screen is not being skipped.  Do I need to set another Context Value for this? Am I doing anything wrong ? What should I do to make this work?

Thanks and Regards
Alan J. Caruana
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