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RE: Key codes for function keys
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RE: Key codes for function keys

Thanks, Mark!

Since you said you got this list by trial and error, I think you'll enjoy this little freeware that a friend of mine sent me, called KeyCode. Get it at

Best regards!

Andre Moura
Tech. Support
Audio & Video
Ass. Torre de Vigia

> Andre
> A while back I was trying this, and largely by trial and error, came up
> with these:
> F1 122
> F2 120
> F3 99
> F4 118
> F5 96
> F6 97
> F7 98
> F8 100
> F9 101
> F10 109
> F11 103
> F12 eject--cannot access with AS
> Some thoughts:
> Be aware that in Panther, Expose uses F9, F10 & F11. Also F12 is used
> to eject a CD in earlier PowerBook keyboards. I'm now a little cautious
> about using function keys in a project, in case Apple comes up with
> some other nice little system utility (like Expose), and consumes more
> function keys.
> Also, to access the function keys, you have to press the fn key in the
> far left corner of the keyboard, which usually means that two hands are
> necessary. If instead you do cmd-<number>, you can do it with just one
> hand.
> MarkB
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