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Re: Probable bug in IconRefToIconFamily() on Intel
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Re: Probable bug in IconRefToIconFamily() on Intel

On Jul 20, 2006, at 9:53 AM, Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

Hi folks,

I'm running into a strange issue while getting icons for symlinks and aliases on Intel machines - this is for a file browser in a Cocoa application.

I've thrown together a quick application to show this:
Just run the prebuilt app on an Intel machine, it will show the icon for /var (which is a symlink). Then turn on the "Open using Rosetta" flag and run again, for comparison.

I'll be filing a bug on this, but if someone knows of a workaround for 10.4.x, please tell me, and I'll incorporate it into this test app...

Many thanks for the test app. And don't bother filing the bug report - it's already been fixed in Leopard, a while ago.
(IconServices still goes through some CopyDeepMask hoops with various depth conversions to build the composited icon image, in this case; and there was an endianness bug in QuickDraw).


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 >Probable bug in IconRefToIconFamily() on Intel (From: Rainer Brockerhoff <email@hidden>)

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