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Re: Probable bug in IconRefToIconFamily() on Intel (solved)
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Re: Probable bug in IconRefToIconFamily() on Intel (solved)

On Jul 20, 2006, at 9:53 AM, Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:
I'm running into a strange issue while getting icons for symlinks and aliases on Intel machines - this is for a file browser in a Cocoa application.
Basically, I get a FSRef to the file, then call GetIconRefFromFileInfo() to get an IconRef, then convert this to an IconFamilyHandle by calling IconRefToIconFamily(). The IconFamilyHandle uses the exact data format as a standard .icns file, so I process this further to get an actual NSImage for display.

I've found a workaround (with the kind help of Steve Gehrman of Path Finder fame).

I'm now calling PlotIconRefInContext() to plot directly from the IconRef into an NSImage, instead of first converting to a IconFamilyHandle and then NSData...

...also a faster solution, it seems.

Rainer Brockerhoff  <email@hidden>
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
"In the affairs of others even fools are wise
 In their own business even sages err."
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