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Is Carbon Viable?
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Is Carbon Viable?

I've heard Apple say, over the years, that Carbon is, and will continue to be, supported. Yet every day there seems to be really cool, new stuff available to Cocoa developers that requires, at best, jumping through a few hoops to utilize. In practice, Apple seems to provide very little on-going Carbon development.

The recent discussions about 64-bit support for Carbon apps, although somewhat speculative, don't give me much hope.

I don't mean to disparage all the great work done by Apple's Carbon engineers; I blame higher levels of management for lacking the understanding and vision to ensure Carbon gets a proper commitment.

I have no desire to learn Cocoa. I don't like the Objective C, and I don't believe it's a good idea for Apple to continue down the path of what is essentially a dead language. I suspect I would give up on my own Mac development efforts, and just concentrate on creating embedded products, if I had to give up C++ (or D). And note, just because there are ways to call Cocoa from C++ doesn't mean I want to go to all the trouble.


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