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Plug-in unresponsive in some host programs
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Plug-in unresponsive in some host programs


I have a problem with an AudioUnit plug-in that I'm making, but its not really a core-audio question, so this forum is my best guess as to who might know an answer.

The plug-in has a dynamic display (which changes in real-time as audio is played through the host application), and it also has a number of buttons which respond to mouse clicks.  I have a number of host applications on my Mac which the plug-in runs within. 

Within Ableton Live and Bias Peak the plug-in functions as I'd hope it would, with both the display and the mouse clicks nicely responsive.

However, within Logic 8 or Garage Band the plug-in's display appears reasonably responsive, but it feels very sluggish in its response to mouse clicks - sometimes taking several seconds to respond to a click.  Sometimes I can even click a control, wait quite a long time without seeing any response to the click, and then eventually, click somewhere else on the plug-in's interface, and the original click will be responded to along with the newer click.

I have set up the responses to the clicks with InstallWindowEventHandler, and, when behaving sluggishly, the Event Handler just isn't getting the callbacks when I'd want it to.

Now, my plug-in is fairly graphically intensive, and the graphics are updated using a timer callback (set up using InstallEventLoopTimer), and my best guess is that somehow my graphics thread is hogging the CPU and the event handler isn't getting a chance, but I'm  not sure how to check that, or what I'd be best to do about it.  I'm prety new to Mac development so this might just be a red herring anyway.

Please, does anyone here have any suggestions for me as to what I might try, or what might be causing the problem?

Thanks for any help


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