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PMSession(), CarbonLib 1.5, and OS 9.2.2
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PMSession(), CarbonLib 1.5, and OS 9.2.2

I'm running an application on 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 with CarbonLib 1.5.

When the app calls PMSession() on 9.2.1, and the user hasn't chosen a
printer, you get an error code back and nothing else happens. (On OS X,
PMSession() does not return on error.)

On 9.2.2, you get the same error code back, but PMSession() invokes a
moveable modal dialog box asking the user if s/he wants to choose a printer.

Two questions:

(1) Does anyone know if this is definitely a 9.2.2 thing versus a 9.2.1

I'd like to have my app act differently if the OS is going to do this, and I
want to be sure I have the different cases straight. It's not a CarbonLib
thing, this is 1.5 in both cases.

Is this new feature in 9.2.2 documented anywhere? If so, I can't find it.
Any pointers would be appreciated!

(2) The moveable modal dialog box, when moved, is not calling my
application's update code, and therefore it's being erased and not redrawn.

I'm using a WNE/PowerPlant application. Does anyone know if this is fixed if
I switch to RAEL? Or, preferably, with any other quick fix? The PMSession()
call is not letting me set any kind of callback for this.


Andrew Pontious
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