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Open Directory, Password Reset, Keychain Password Out-of-Sync
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Open Directory, Password Reset, Keychain Password Out-of-Sync

I have Tiger 10.4.3 client computers performing
authentication/authorization against a Tiger 10.4.3 Open Directory
Server. In the Open Directory I have the user accounts passwords policy
set to require reset at a specified interval. My problem is that when it
is time for a user to reset their password the Tiger workstation prompts
the user to change their password at the login window but when the user
does so their keychain password is not set to the new password. The
result is that the keychain password is still set to the user's old
password and the user is prompted for their old account password every
time they need to use the keychain. This problem persists until the
keychain password is manually set to the user's current password. I know
if a person changes their password in System Preferences the keychain
password is automatically updated and this problem does not happen. It
only seems to happen when a person is prompted to change their password
at the login screen. I do have each user's account set to be mobile on
their computer.

Is this the normal behavior of Open Directory accounts or is there
something wrong with my setup?

James Cutrone
Learning Technology Center
College of Education
University of Texas at Austin

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