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Re: space bar keyboard short cut
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Re: space bar keyboard short cut

Nick, thanks a lot for your code sample. I had used a subclass of NSWindow to get the space bar to send an action, but your example is much better. However, whenever I pressed the space bar, I'd get a system beep. I finally figured out that by adding the two 'else' clauses (see below), the beep stops. I *think* the first else clause for the nested 'if' passes key events to the super class, and the second one passes all other events to the super class. If you just have the second one, cmd-Q (and other menu keyboard shortcuts) don't work.

I guess I'm posting this for the benefit of other people like me -- hobbyist programmers.

Thanks again.

Ron Fleckner

nick briggs <email@hidden> wrote:


You must subclass NSApplication and overide  sendEvent, see below,

In Xcode Targets -> Properties tab,  enter your subclass name under

Obviously something inyour responder chain must implement


@implementation MyApplication

- (void)sendEvent:(NSEvent *)event { if ([event type] == NSKeyDown) { NSString *str = [event characters]; if([str characterAtIndex:0] == 0x20) // spacebar { [super sendAction:@selector(__SOME_SELECTOR__:) to:nil from:self]; }
		  else                            // added this
			[super sendEvent:event];	 //

else // and this
    	 [super sendEvent:event];




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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:04:35 +0200
From: Karim Morsy <email@hidden>
Subject: space bar keyboard short cut
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I would like to assign the space (" ") key equivalent for a button
(like in itunes).
how can that be done ?


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