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Fastest way to convert between RGB and Lab
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Fastest way to convert between RGB and Lab

Hello list,

I am working a bit with images and I need to perform some calculations
in Lab color space. For this reason I need to perform lots of
conversations between RGB and Lab.
Currently I am using ColorSync methods to achieve this:

<<<<< code snippet >>>>>
// source
        CMBitmap bm = {};
	bm.image = (char*)_rgbPixels;
	bm.width = _width;
	bm.height = _height;
	bm.rowBytes = bm.width*[_nsImageColorSpace numberOfColorComponents];
	bm.pixelSize = 8*[_nsImageColorSpace numberOfColorComponents]; = cmRGB24Space;

// result
	CMBitmap bmrez = {};
	bmrez.image = (char*)_labPixels;
	bmrez.width = _width;
	bmrez.height = _height;
	bmrez.rowBytes = bmrez.width*[_nsLabColorSpace numberOfColorComponents];
	bmrez.pixelSize = 8*[_nsLabColorSpace numberOfColorComponents]; = cmLAB24Space;

        CMError		err = noErr;
	CMWorldRef	localCW = nil;

	err = NCWNewColorWorld(&localCW, fromProfile, toProfile); ///
fromProfile  and toProfile are CMProfileRef vars

	if (localCW)
		err = CWMatchBitmap(localCW, bitmap, nil, nil, toBitmap);
		CMBitmap* dest = (toBitmap) ? toBitmap : bitmap;

		if (bitmap->image     != dest->image  &&
			bitmap->width     == dest->width  &&
			bitmap->height    == dest->height &&
			bitmap->rowBytes  == dest->rowBytes &&
			bitmap->pixelSize == dest->pixelSize &&
			bitmap->space     == dest->space)
			memmove(dest->image, bitmap->image, bitmap->rowBytes*bitmap->height);
			err = unimpErr; // too much work
This code works fine. But is very slow with a bit larger images. My
question would be - is there any way to convert RGB into Lab faster?

I have found a way to do this manually by converting RGB to XYZ ( ) and
then XYZ to Lab ( ). I
haven't tried this yet, because I do not know how to get required
constants from exact ICC profile ( ).

Any kind of help is very appreciate.


Rimas M.
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