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Custom Audio Units on the iPhone
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Custom Audio Units on the iPhone

I am trying to use Audio Units and AUGraph on the iPhone (SDK 2.2)
I want to build a simple AUGraph from 5 audio units that render a sine wave.
The sine wave units are connected to a mixer that is hooked to a default output device node.
My first attempt was, to use a default Audio Unit and provide a render callback to create the sine wave.
(Similar to /Developer/Examples/CoreAudio/SimpleSDK/DefaultOutputUnit)
This works for one single unit, playing on the default output device. (after some small changes, the DefaultOutputUnit sample also works on the iPhone)
As I need several units that generate output at the same time, I wanted to use AUGraph.
To my understanding, the AUGraph API wants me to connect my sine-wave AUs to the mixer and the mixer to an output node.
Therefore the sine-wave AUs should have the component type kAudioUnitType_Generator. (I think this would be the right component type for the task I am trying to accomplish)
But there seems to be no default generator unit available on the phone and so I cannot provide my render callback.
Do I have to implement a full Generator Audio Unit?
The iPhone Application Programming Guide states that this should be possible ( /apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40007072-CH19-SW4)
but I could not find any further details.
Has someone implemented a custom AU on the phone?
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