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Re: Semaphores in Mac
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Re: Semaphores in Mac

Just one thing to remember that unnamed posix semaphores do not work in the current release of the OS. I filed a bug two years ago. I hope they fix those in Leopard.

On Aug 8, 2007, at 1:49 PM, JanakiRam wrote:


I'm new to the semaphores and their implementations in Mac. Can any one clarify my following question(s).

i) I've seen that there are three implementations of Semaphores i.e a) POSIX b) System V c) Mach Semaphores.

               Which one is prefered for which scenario.

ii) Whats the difference between Mach Semaphores and POSIX Semaphores.

Please help me to gain some info on Semaphores.Thanks in Advance.

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