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Re: Should the compiler warn about long doubles?
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Re: Should the compiler warn about long doubles?

"David A. Gatwood" wrote:
> [...] Changing the size of long double
> to 128 would be a very _bad_ idea, since at least Linux, and probably the
> rest of the ppc Linux world, uses 64. That sort of change could cause
> endless nightmares for people porting existing un*x stuff to OS X/Darwin,
> and could also hamper its inclusion into the official gcc tree.

Check the latest CVS GCC sources - it's already happening for PowerPC
Linux, as a -mlong-double-128 option. In fact, I noticed the new code
at about the same time as the internal bug report came to my attention,
which is what prompted to raise the question within Apple. So I'm not
too worried about getting it accepted. In any case, the standard FSF
practice is to defer to the system vendor on issues such as type size.

long long double is pretty unlikely for GCC. It would be a major language
extension, with many consequences. I'm not going to bring that one up
on the GCC discussion list, but you're welcome to try - perhaps I'm
wrong and everybody will think that's a great idea.


 >Re: Should the compiler warn about long doubles? (From: "David A. Gatwood" <email@hidden>)

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