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Virtual Video Driver
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Virtual Video Driver

Here's a wild one:

Not sure if this is technically possible (and not sure
if this is the best mailing list), but I was wondering
if it would be possible to create a sort of virtual
video driver for in which an OS X app could render its
documents. The idea is that this virtual video driver
would create a sort of second monitor in RAM, in which
the amount of RAM would be the only limiting factor on
the size of an image you could display with requiring
scrolling. This virtual video driver would be
transparent to any application which is drawing to it,
i.e. it would not require application changes, in the
same way that adding a second monitor doesn't. This
virtual video driver would perhaps require an
auxiliary viewer application which could access the
image in RAM and grab it as an offscreen bitmap and
convert it to a JPG.

Any thoughts? Too far fetched?

Why would I need this? I'm basically trying to do a
full-image screen capture. Is there some video driver
code that I could use as a starting point and start
hacking up? Perhaps if I developed a KEXT that always
got loaded, it might work. I remember Classic having
something like this where it was possible to create a
virtual screen larger than your physical screen.



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