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Can I modify a Device ID in device tree / IO registry to match a 3rd party driver?
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Can I modify a Device ID in device tree / IO registry to match a 3rd party driver?

I have a challenge with an outdated and now unsupported 3rd party driver:

I have an updated hardware device and a 3rd party driver that's
written for an older version of the device.

The driver matches only on previous Device IDs of said device, so it
won't load for this newer device.

I've already verified that the driver works well with the new device
if I patch the Device IDs in its Info.plist and in its code.

The maker of the driver is clearly not interested in updating it, but
I like to provide other Mac users with a working solution.

As I do not have the rights to redistribute the patched driver, I am
looking for alternatives.

Since the driver's code is also actively looking for the device ID it
supports, I cannot simply make a codeless driver that helps match on
the new ID, as the old driver code will then still not be happy.

Hence I wonder if I could modify the Device ID in the IO Registry so
that the old driver believes it has the older device version at hand.

Is it possible to patch the Device ID in such a way, probably from a kext?

Thomas Tempelmann,
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