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Re: Darwin 9.0 Source Code Available
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Re: Darwin 9.0 Source Code Available

On Oct 31, 2007, at 4:40 AM, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:

I had thought that the following release from Darwin 8.9 would have
been Darwin 9.0 in the same fashion as the release of Darwin 8.0 which
has a binary PPC and x86 release.

We haven't done binary releases for quite some time, I'm afraid - years, in fact. Binary releases are no longer supported, though 3rd party projects like OpenDarwin tried to keep them going for awhile and eventually stopped due to general lack of interest (or, rather, any degree of interest which made the "return on investment" of going to all the work to put them together worth it).

What we've learned through trial-and-error experience is that Darwin is really all about source availability aimed at increasing transparency and making the modification of MacOSX more possible. That's it.

This is not to say that binary releases would be completely impossible for anyone else to create (though I suspect it would be a difficult task, one which only grows more difficult as the number of "pure MacOSX" dependencies grow), but anyone attempting to do so is definitely off the trail and on their own.


- Jordan

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