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Re: [revisited] DHCPv6 support needed by others as well...
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Re: [revisited] DHCPv6 support needed by others as well...


Another possibility is that the people making the IPv6 decisions, or selecting priorities in general, don't see what DHCPv6 solves that router advertisements doesn't. I must admit that adding RDNSS (RFC5006) to the Apple implementation would be handy though.

Myself I had wanted DHCPv6 support, then I stood back and looked to see whether it was crucial. I decided it wasn't, unless I was in the business of wanting to micro-manage my network. On the other hand, I am trying to see what alternative approaches there are to certain things achieved by DHCP. If you can identify the specific functionality not being provided by rtadvd, then it may be easier to make your point, or have someone offer alternatives. Two question that come to mind, without DHCPv6:
- how to register the host's name with a DNS server, once it has assigned itself an address?
- how to prevent network access to a given host, where its ID or MAC address is unrecognised?


On 12-Oct-2009, at 07:30, Fredrik Pettai wrote:


From a philosophical point of view Apple might be, but in the real life perspective they simply aren't.
The current implementation It's probably sufficient for the home user, but that was not my point.

Another example:
Last year, at NANOG, APRICOT, IETF, RIPE etc. there was an IPv6 hour. The reason, to learn from it...
Here are the lessons learned in case someone missed it: Learned

Windows Vista among most of the other OSes worked out-of-box, or with a one-time tweak (like installing DHCPv6 client). Mac OS X didn't... and still doesn't. So, my question is if Apple haven't listened and learned something from this? In case Apple forgotten all about this, I posted the bug report message to remind them :-)

Word is that it's going to be another IPv6 hour at RIPE again, to measure the number of problems stumbled upon last time has changed etc. And I pretty sure that all Apple users would like to see that there MacBook work flawlessly this time...

As of the single buttoned mouse you mentioned, you can still activate 2-button behavior if you wish.
Why not make it the same for RA (and ability to activate DHCPv6 if you need it)?


On Oct 12, 2009, at 6:04 AM, Chris Leishman wrote:

I guess in typical Apple fashion they will only add features that
match thier ideas of how computers (and networks) should be used and
not what the largest group of noisemakers ask for. If a feature is
divergent from the design or ideal usage, it still gets low priority.
The single button mouse is case in point.

The thing is, however, that they're usually right.


On Monday, October 12, 2009, Fredrik Pettai <email@hidden> wrote:

I saw the the earlier thread "DHCPv6 support needed by service providers". But there are others that need DHCPv6 client support too. Large companies, corporations and even universities etc. are indeed in need of DHCPv6 if they are to roll out IPv6 at a larger scale.

I spoke with a person working for Apple and he basically told me that these kind of things has to be reported the usual way, and if many reports enough comes in on the same problem, they will prioritize it.

So to make that happened, I took the time to write down an easy HOWTO with the problem / enhancement requested. If anybody else has other "Notes" that motivates DHCPv6 client support, please add those. (I haven't looked at this from the DSL providers perspective, so I've only added reasons coming from the demands of the higher educational networks).

Those like me that want to have DHCPv6 support in Mac OS X, follow these simple steps:
(then you're done, spread the word to other Mac users that want to be IPv6 ready...)

-----8<----- -----8<----- -----8<-----

1. Go to

2. Log in using your Apple ID (if you dont have it, sign up for it, it's free)

3. Select "New Problem"

4. Fill in the fields:

Problem Report Title: DHCPv6 is missing!
Product: Mac OS X Version/Build Number: [your version here]
Classification: Enhancement Is It Reproducible?: Always

5. Fill in the free text box according to the "description format":
(Just cut and paste mine if you are lazy)

Problem Details:

DHCPv6 client support missing in Mac OS X

Steps to Reproduce:

Expected Results:
Complete auto configuration of IPv6 address, default gateway, DNS resolver

Actual Results:
DHCPv6 doesn't work

No Internet connectivity on (W)LANs where IPv6 only provisioning is done thru DHCPv6.

In large "open" campus networks or hotspot areas, RA isn't sufficient for provisioning IPv6 configuration to clients. Likewise, in large companies/enterprises, server farms are configured and managed by static DHCP.
Centralized control of assignments and mapping IP <-> MAC address is crucial for the possibility to monitor, log/trace and the ability to block an address, just like it's done as best practice in the current IPv4 world.
Also note that many corporations and universities are foreseeing only accepting client computers via DHCPv6 since this right now seems to be the only way to deploy IPv6 source guard functions.

-----8<----- -----8<----- -----8<-----

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