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Re: [revisited] DHCPv6 support needed by others as well...
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Re: [revisited] DHCPv6 support needed by others as well...

On 20/10/2009, at 5:23 AM, Ron Broersma wrote:

On Oct 12, 2009, at 6:01 AM, Tim Chown wrote:

Every so often you stumble into another missing IPv6 feature in MacOSX.
I discovered recently that while I can happily print from Windows to
my HP Laserjet P2055dn via IPv6, I can't do so from my Mac. Kudos to
HP though.

Concur with "Kudos to HP". We like their IPv6 support in newer printers, and in the new jetdirect cards.

But we had the same problem with getting MacOSX talking to our IPv6- enabled HP printers. When configuring the new printer in MacOSX, it will not take an IPv6 address. We filed a bug report with Apple and their response was that this was not a bug, and was by design. You can only configure a NAME of the printer, not the IPv6 address. So, you need to register it in DNS with a AAAA record, then configure the printer using the name instead of the address, and MacOSX will then happily talk to it.

That's interesting. My understanding is that a link-local address should NOT have a DNS record, so if the printer only has a link-local address, then there should not be a DNS entry for it. So what is one to do? Of course, there SHOULD be a mDNS entry---the correct way to handle local names. Does the HP printer not support mDNS? I thought the newer ones did.

The second thing is that surely any sane name resolver is NOT hard coded to parse names or IP addresses, but calls standard systems calls that Do The Right Thing---as per RFC 2133 of April 1977. In C: getaddrinfo. In Cocoa: NSURL, which understands RFC 2732 (so the Class documentation says).
The NSURL class provides a way to manipulate URLs and the resources they reference. NSURL objects understand URLs as specified in RFCs 1808, 1738, and 2732.

And per RFC 2732
2. Literal IPv6 Address Format in URL's Syntax

To use a literal IPv6 address in a URL, the literal address should be
enclosed in "[" and "]" characters. For example the following
literal IPv6 addresses:


   would be represented as in the following example URLs:


so if it doesn't accept that as a name, I'd class it as a genuine bug.

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