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Re: DHCPv6 support needed by service providers
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Re: DHCPv6 support needed by service providers

On 27 okt 2009, at 00:27, Michael Newbery wrote:

Nowhere did I say that we would be giving out a single IPv6 address. The normal option is to use prefix delegation to hand out a /56 or similar.

You do know that hosts running DHCPv6 don't support prefix delegation, do you?

Besides, what would happen if there are multiple hosts in a home that all request a prefix?

Or just a single address, for that matter? Do you really want to talk to a dozen different hosts inside a customer's home?

Apple: just give us RFC 5006 (DNS servers in RA) support and forget DHCPv6--at least until all those existing IPv6 bugs and feature request have been taken care of.

Except that, as explained and as amplified by other contributors, that doesn't meet the SP needs in the current environment.

Service providers aren't in charge of their customer's hosts. At the most they can influence the home gateways customers have.

And even if all OSes were to adopt the DHCPv6 variants that service providers desire (even if SPs could agree!) then it would take many years for this to reach enough penetration to be useful. Are you willing to upgrade your OS just because your ISP wants you to?

While we might wish that EAP had been universally adopted by the appropriate equipment manufacturers, it wasn't, so we are stuck with a requirement for DHCPv6.

EAP is authentication, DHCP is configuration discovery. They are completely orthogonal. Besides, didn't our friends at the IEEE come up with something called 802.1x. I believe it's fairly widely implemented and even somewhat interoperable. Also, it works at the right layer.
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