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Re: Java Spelling Framework bugs
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Re: Java Spelling Framework bugs

Eric Eslinger wrote:
|Hi all. I downloaded the Java Spelling Framework stuff from
| (right now I just have an online membership, so it might
|be a stale version of the software)

So far as I know, what online members can download is just as fresh (or stale) as what paid members get. It's just that online members don't get access to as much stuff. (For example, paid members get access to beta software.)

|My software has a whole lot of JTextAreas, each one gets its own
|JTextComponentDriver. I tried calling startRealtimeChecking on each one (in
|response to a menu event), and the following things happened:
|1> All the JTextAreas started showing a blinking caret, not just the focused
|2> If I try to delete a misspelled word from the end of a sentence, I start
|throwing BadLocationExceptions.

One of the basic rules of debugging applies: any given bug is far more likely to be in your code than in the library. (Not "must be", but definitely "far more likely to be".) Can you create a *simple* program that demonstrates the problem? Perhaps, a program that has only two JTextFields, starts the checking without any user interaction, and so on. Get rid of as much of *your* code as you can. (Check out the recent discussions of what goes into a good bug report.)

|On a related note, are there any GPL or other free pure-java spell checker

You might check over at the SourceForge site (

Glen Fisher
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 >Java Spelling Framework bugs (From: Eric Eslinger <email@hidden>)

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