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Re: J2SE 5 on OS X, Panther.
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Re: J2SE 5 on OS X, Panther.

New version of the script: (v2)

Fixes bug where the 1.4 Jar Launcher was not preserved.

Adds overwrite protection so the Jar launcher is not overwritten on
successive use.

Adds support for installing the Documentation DMG in addition to the JDK.


On 4/30/05, Corey Jewett <email@hidden> wrote:
> The Tiger J2SE release has been rumored to run on Panther for a number
> of months. Apple released Java 5, and since it'll be a bit before I get
> around to installing Tiger, and I've been not so patiently waiting to
> run Java 5 for months. I decided to see if the Java 5 release would
> indeed run on Panther.
> Attached is a shell script that will unpack the Tiger J2SE disk image
> onto a Panther system. This is obviously completely unsupported by
> Apple and myself. Enjoy.
> So far I haven't had any issues running Eclipse 3.1M6.
> Get the DMG here:
> java2se50developerdocumentation.html
> Corey

Description: Bourne shell script

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 >J2SE 5 on OS X, Panther. (From: Corey Jewett <email@hidden>)

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