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UseQuartz option?
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UseQuartz option?

Through some profiling, I discovered that a big bottleneck in my application was in these two places:

apple.awt.CTextPipe.doDrawString( line)


apple.awt.CRenderer.doRect( line)

Looking at apple's site, I found this little gem:

J2SE 5.0 Release 4 features support for Sun's 2D renderer. To use the Sun 2D renderer, set this property to false.

This is strictly a developer option. Java applications intended for use on Mac OS X should not rely on Sun's 2D renderer.

The default value is true.

So when I set this property to false, it makes an insanely great difference in performance.  Stuff that took countable seconds of time, now happens instantly.

My application is not using Swing, so does anybody here know if there is any reason NOT to set this property in my application (other than the unexplained warning, above)?


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