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Re: How to get Java 1.6
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Re: How to get Java 1.6

On Oct 27, 2007, at 12:31 PM, M. David Minnigerode wrote:

My current employer is phasing out our java desktop app (my product) in favor of a web based app (JSF, etc). Can't really argue with the decision though. Java Desktop apps are in a strange place... Not native enough to take over from .net/cocoa/qt/etc... and not light enough to do what a web app does. In our market (banks, airlines etc) jnlp is a non-starter (don't ask)... A web app is what the customer expects and now with ajaxy/web2.0y stuff they can get close enough to the java desktop that swing is not even on the table any more.

I was there about a year ago when I had to migrate my desktop app into a webapp. I looked at JSP, Struts, and JSF and decided that these were solutions in search of a problem. Having come from a Swing Desktop environment, these 'solutions' seemed way too complicated to me.

I looked at many of the major AJAX frameworks, GWT, ZK, Dojo, Rico, Prototype, script.aculo, and even Adobe's Flex. Most were nice but not enough flexible, others has major performance issues on lesser endowed boxes.

I eventually found little known framework which blew my socks off with performance and seduced me with the source code I would be writing. It was Echo2 from Fully open source and free. There is nice demo at:

Use the accordion pane to select the "Technology" panel, the click on the "Java Development" button you can see the source code, then run the app which is defined by the source. You will see an immediate similarity to AWT with a flavor of Swing.

I don't know if you have already committed to a development platform, if not, check out Echo2. More specifically take a look at the Echo2 fork which was done by some guys in Australia called Cooee at They took the Echo2 source, added a nice bug reporting system (JIRA), scheduled releases, and Maven repository support.

I you have Leopard, you now have Maven installed. You can run a archetype which I've been developing to create a runnable demo application. This archetype is underdevelopment and is likely to change.

From terminal run the following. Maven will install what it need and then create the application

% mvn archetype:create \ -DarchetypeGroupId=org.karora.cooee.sandbox.informagen \ -DarchetypeArtifactId=webapp \ -DarchetypeVersion=1.0.0 \ -DremoteRepositories= \ \ -DartifactId=xxxxx . . [INFO] BUILD SUCCESSFUL . % cd xxxxx % more readme.txt

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