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Re: Using the MPW font in other OS X applications (Bryan Pietrzak)
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Re: Using the MPW font in other OS X applications (Bryan Pietrzak)

On Nov 23, 2004, at 10:08 AM, Graham Hinton wrote:

At 12:56 -0600 11/22/04, Bryan Pietrzak wrote:
I thought I'd share the following thread here on MPW-dev since (a) the
font in question bears the MPW name ;) and (b) I'm sure I'm not only
person using multiple development environments on OS X...

I'm still looking into what it will take to make the OS realize the MPW
font is a Fixed Width font.

If you want a programmers' font that works in X try Bitstream Vera. There's a link to it in the SubEthaEdit FAQ:

Tried 'em... I've tried everything out there :)

I just have a bad case of "visual muscle memory" -- I've been using the MPW font for so long in all my primary apps (MPW, BBEdit, CW, it's been my fixed size font in some past e-mail apps, etc.) that I've had a hard time trying to adjust to anything else.

I mean the MPW font looks just great in Xcode -- as long as it is not anti-aliased, and since I can set the anti-aliased threshold in Xcode only to 9 the problem is solved. It's just not solved "right".

It'd be nice if someone at Apple in the typography group could look at the MPW font and see what it would take to be recognized as a Fixed Width font so that apps like Xcode wouldn't anti-alias it by default (much like Monaco 9).


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