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Re: [Humor ] Old MPW C error messages
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Re: [Humor ] Old MPW C error messages

On May 10, 2005, at 2:32 PM, David Craig wrote:

(FWIW, I believe, but may be wrong, that the MPW C compiler from the 1990
timeframe was written in Pascal and compiled by the MPW Pascal compiler. A
later C was written in C itself. Was this 1st C compiler the Greenhills C

MPW C appeared for the first time in MPW 2.0. It was done by Greenhills under contract to Apple. It was written in C. Mike Shannon handled the contract between Apple and Greenhills. Mike went on to work on an MPW Pascal cross compiler that ran in MPW and generated code for the Apple IIgs. I took it over for Mike and then ended up handing it off to Greg Branche about 16 years ago!

Roger Lawrence of Apple began work at the same time as MPW 2 shipped on an Apple C compiler, which replaced the Greenhills compiler in MPW 3.0. It was written in Apple Pascal and shared the same code generator as the MPW Pascal compiler which was in MPW 1.0. The MRC C compiler for PowerPC was written in C I believe and came out in MPW 3.4 or so.

The MPW Pascal compiler descended from the Lisa Pascal compiler which was part of the Lisa Workshop, a UCSD-style dev environment that ran on Lisa for Lisa development. Al Hoffman and Ken Doyle helped work on the Lisa compiler before Roger Lawrence took it over. Larry Tesler worked with Niklaus Wirth to come up with Object Pascal extensions which Ken Doyle incorporated in one of the last versions of the Lisa Pascal compiler. This enabled MacApp.

These later releases of the Lisa Pascal compiler could be configured to generate Macintosh-compatible applications. MacPaint, for example, was 25% 68000 assembly language and 75% Lisa Pascal code - most early Mac applications had to be cross-developed on Lisa to Mac until the advent of MDS and eventually MPW.

The Lisa Assembler was ported and became Asm, the MPW 68K assembler. This was done by Ira Ruben. The Lisa Linker was ported and became Link, the MPW linker. This was done by Ken Freidenbach. The Bell Lab standard C libraries were ported to MPW by Steve Hartwell.

The MPW Shell was done by Rick Meyers, Jeff Parish, and Dan Smith. The creator signature of MPW is MPS - Meyers, Parish, Smith. MPW originally was named the Macintosh Programmer's System or MPS before it shipped as MPW.


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 >[Humor ] Old MPW C error messages (From: David Craig <email@hidden>)

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