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New OpenGL Samples
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New OpenGL Samples

New OpenGL samples are on our web site....

OpenGL Movie

A demonstration of QuickTime and OpenGL integration and optimized
texture mapping. This includes demonstrating the use of the OpenGL
packed pixel extension.

Version 1.0: Carbonized for Mac OS X.

There are some issues with running on Mac OS X Public Beta:
- Packed pixels not yet supported, expected for 1.0 release of Mac OS X.
- Full screen currently not supported due to DrawSprocket issues in
Public Beta, expect for 1.0 release of Mac OS X.

OpenGL Movie is built with CodeWarrior 6 and the latest Carbon SDK
(1.2f2 as of this writing). It requires the latest Carbon SetupGL
sample code.

OpenGL Movie demonstrates the integration of OpenGL with QuickTime in
a Carbon framework. Particular attention has been paid to performance
and clarity. Carbon timers are used to handle frame drawing. Only
frames that actually change are uploaded as textures. The Packed
Pixel extension is checked for and used is available.


Carbon SetupGL

Version 1.3: Carbonized for Mac OS X. Optimized for Carbon and bug fixes.

There are some issues with running on Mac OS X Public Beta:
- In certain configurations aglQueryRendererInfo and
aglDescribeRenderer may not function correctly. There is work around
code provided. Look at line 44 of Carbon SetupGL.c and un-comment
#define MacOSXPublicBeta. This disables some device checking
replacing it with RAGE 128 default values. This is expected to be
fixed in Mac OS X Release 1.
- aglFullScreen and DrawSprocket are not completely functional
currently. SetupGL does not currently support full screen on Mac OS
X. This is expected to be fixed in Mac OS X Release 1.

Version 1.1: Adds windowed mode that allows creation of an OpenGL
context on an already existing window. Also, cleans up existing
implementation of full screen mode. SetupGL still handles all aspects
of GL setup on the Macintosh.

Version 1.0: Added PreflightGL () function. Fixed various minor
errors. Corrected fade implementation. Added a little more robustness
in the application end in failure conditions, fixed problem with
aglFont handling.

SetupGL is a set of functions that can be used in new and existing
applications to handle all aspects of OpenGL setup on the Macintosh
under OS 9. It is designed to handle windowed or full screen set up
with good error handling and fall back cases. The key to SetupGL is
that it attempts to match your 3D context requests with the device
that is able to handle them rather than pick a single device and
hoping that it can handle the 3D requirements. A version of SetupGL
is used in the "Quake III Arena" for the Macintosh by id Software.

Geoff Stahl
Worldwide Developer Relations

 >Re: Border support on rage pro & 128? (From: Zack Morris <email@hidden>)

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