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RealOne Player on X
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RealOne Player on X

Once gain, the baffling (at least to me) permission issue on X.

I have installed Real One Player under an Admin-previleged user and went
through the whole process of setting it up with Real Site (anyone with
experience in Real player, will know what I am talking about).

However, when I am logged in as a different user (both admin, non-admin) I
cannot get the program to launch. The icon even changes to a generic one
instead the Real sign. The program appears to launch with the black
triangle appearing for a second then disappears. I have tried puttting the
program in the "Shared" folder. No luck.

Any ideas? I will summarize.


Reaz Shaheed
IT Specialist
American International School/Dhaka
Email: email@hidden
Phone: 880-2-8822452, 880-2-8822414
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