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Re: Command line AFP connection?
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Re: Command line AFP connection?

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:00:56 -0600, Jon Gardner wrote:

> What's the command line syntax for making an AFP connection in Mac OS X?

As described earlier, there are some variations to do this. Unfortunately
there still exists no man page that explains some of the URL arguments and
the possible switches to the mount_afp command ('-o rdonly' for example).

I compiled some information regarding this here:

< afp-servers.html>

and would love to read constructive comments, corrections or additions.

I still have one problem with unmounting remote afp volumes after mounting
using 'mount_afp'. I found out that the Finder will show disks on the
desktop if I run '/usr/sbin/disktool -r' just before and after the mount
itself. The afp volume will appear on the desktop regardless where the mount
point is (need not to be inside /Volumes).

But I don't know if this is recommended at all (running disktool, that lacks
essential documentation too), cause all I did was 'trial & error'.

When I want to throw the volumes away from within Finder, I get a message
'The operation could not be completed because the disk "name" is in use.'
most of the times. Sometimes Finder will let me throw the volume away. But
in this cases all my local volumes (expect the StartUp one) will disappear

Any hints on this?



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