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Re: Telnet, SSH and Mac OS X Server
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Re: Telnet, SSH and Mac OS X Server

At 5:41 PM -0700 7/31/01, Chris Davies wrote:
I've tried several Telnet applications using SSH on port 22,
yet to no avail.

Have you tried MacSSH, which is what I use on Mac OS.

I've also used WinSCP under Windows '98, which only does SCP and, of course, Terminal and also RBrowser under Mac OS X.

This has been very frustrating as it doesn't make any sense why this is
happening. Is there anything we have to setup in the Workspace Manager on
the server to allow us to Telnet?

Not sure about a Workspace Manager, but assuming your using Mac OS X Server 10.0.x, you need to open System Preferences from the Apple menu, choose sharing from the list of items and make sure "Allow remote login" is checked.

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 >Telnet, SSH and Mac OS X Server (From: Chris Davies <email@hidden>)

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