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Re: Login window takes ages to disappear
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Re: Login window takes ages to disappear

At 5:29 PM +0200 23/4/02, Alexander Holst was rumoured to have typed:
Hi to all of you out there,

After succesfully getting DNS for my local 192.168.1.x zone working, I am experiencing two isues:

When logging in at the machine itself, it takes several minutes before the loginscreen disappears. However, this was not the case when tha machine had a real IP#. Now it has and is quering its own DNS server on, which forwards anything outside its authority to the ISP's DNS.

Which service takes its time to figure something out over the internet, it can't get any more since the machine is sitting behind a masquerading router?

Can't help you here since I don't run a local DNS.

Maybe this issue has something to do with a], but I doubt. When hitting <command><K> in the finder, the machine sees itself twice in the localnet: once with its new IP# and once with a stale IP# I used at the beginning, but is not existing in any configuration any more.

Where does it come from, and where can I delete it?

This info is stored in the file /private/var/slp.regfile.
If you try to read this file, you will see a bunch of lines inside stating the various services that are active, and the IP addresses that they are mapped to. If you change IP addresses (like I have), they will not be removed from the slp.regfile, but the new IP address will instead by appended. You are lucky that you only have two IP's that show up. If you are on OS X Client and switch locations a lot, ...

You can view the contents of the file using:

[sourserver:/var] schen% more slp.regfile
# initial reg file automatically generated


afp:// Server,en,10800,afp


You can delete it by using:

% sudo rm slp.regfile

Enter your admin password. Then reboot after you do so. This will automatically generate a new slp.regfile using your current IP address.

BTW, SLP stands for "Service Locator Protocol". It helps users find network resources (eg. network printers) by essentially storing a list of them somewhere. In this case, the slp.regfile (Service Locator Protocol Registry File)

Thanks for any info,

No problem. We share info to help one another, no?

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 >Login window takes ages to disappear (From: Alexander Holst <email@hidden>)

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