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Re: Postfix not starting STARTTLS automatically
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Re: Postfix not starting STARTTLS automatically

On 2007-03-29 Jeff Dunnett wrote:
> I had a problem a little earlier regarding a Postfix configuration
> problem regarding securing SMTP services.  I have done a little work
> since then and believe I have the problem nailed down.  It seems as
> though STARTTLS isn't automatically being ran.
> For example if I just try using openssl to connect to port 465 on my
> machine:
> The configuration file looks like this:
> I can't see where my configuration might be wrong.  Can anyone see
> anything?

That's all good and well, but what exactly are you trying to do, and
what is the actual error message you get?

Ansgar Wiechers
"Another option [for defragmentation] is to back up your important files,
erase the hard disk, then reinstall Mac OS X and your backed up files."
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