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Re: mysql problems - mysql user does not exist
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Re: mysql problems - mysql user does not exist

On Mar 30, 2007, at 8:26 PM, Charles Kline wrote:

hi all,

running mac os x server version 10.4.9 and trying to get mysql server installed and running. after hours of getting nowhere and lots of tries at installing i discovered that i don't have a mysql user setup (checked using netinfo manager). i tried to create this user but am getting the error that i can't use that name.

so... my question is this. is there a way to re-install mysql and the group/user for mysql as was install with the os without doing a clean install of the os?

several questions:

1. are you SURE the issue is you don't have the user? Run "id mysql" at the command line and see what you get. The MySQL user is setup by default so you would have to consciously remove it.
2. What method did you use to install mysql? Where did you get your distribution? If you're not careful you can get the wrong one (i.e. one for intel vs. PPC)
3. Check out the contents of /usr/local/mysql/YOURHOSTNAME.err. It may give you more info.

It may help to know what particular problems you are having.

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University of Cincinnati

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