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Re: changed user's name, IMAP folders/mail disappeared
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Re: changed user's name, IMAP folders/mail disappeared

On 31/03/2007, at 7:46 AM, Michael Murdza wrote:

I recently changed a user's name, primary short name and home dir in workgroup mgr via the inspector. I added her old shortname to the list of shortnames as well..

I chowned her home directory to her new short name and she is able to log in and see her desktop/files without incident...

We she logs-in via or webmail, all of her messages and IMAP folders are gone. Mail to either of the shortnames is appearing in her (new) mailbox, and when I look at the mailstore all of the new mail is contained within the directory named the same as her new shortname. Of course a folder by the name of her old shortname is still there - with all of her messages from the prior to the rename...

A quick read of the cyrus wiki yielded the RENAME command - which looks like it may be the answer...

Has anyone done this before? Is this the answer?

Yes, but not now that you've already created the hierarchy for the new shortname...

ie you had the mailbox context:


and have now created


and you're wanting to pull all of 'shortname' into 'newname'. I wouldn't just do this via the filesystem and then reconstruct as you may have some conflicting message file names and thus won't have a proper union of the two hierarchies.

I would instead add an ACL that allows 'newname' to have full rights over all of 'user/shortname', and then use your IMAP client to drag messages from the old mailbox location into the new one. This should preserve all the read/seen/etc flags.

If you're comfortable with cyradmin, you can set the ACL perfectly well from the command line, otherwise you could use SirAdmin to do it via a GUI. cyradm/

Nigel Kersten

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