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Best way to remove ACL's
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Best way to remove ACL's

I am in a little bit of a bind cleaning up someone else's mess.  My goal is
to remove all ACL's from a particular folder and all of its sub-folders.
Here are the details.

The machine is question is a G5 running 10.4.7 server, the folder in
question (04_Archive) resides on an Xserve RAID and is ~700GB.  The folder
is a AFP share point and the ACL's on it and its sub-folders seem to have
gotten very complex and scattered (sub-folder have their own ACLs as well as
inherited ones).

I tried removing them through WGM and proagating, but it doesn't get to all
of the sub folders, it just stops at random folders.  I started removing
them with chmod -a# 0 04_Archive/ but that only removes from the parent
folder.  I tried running it with a -R for recursive and it runs for a long
time then errors out with No ACL present: Invalid argument.

Short of copying the data to a volume with ACL's disabled and copying back,
can anyone think of a way to strip the ACL's?  Could the lack of propagation
point to directory damage?  If I have to bring the server down to check I
can, but it is preferable not to.



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