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"A sharing violation occurred while accessing an unnamed file."
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"A sharing violation occurred while accessing an unnamed file."

I have just setup an Xserve running as a PDC for Windows boxes. Users are logged into the domain and are running SolidWorks and PDMWorks CAD software on their Windows boxes. Their checkout directory is in their user account, which is on the Xserve. When checking in a revised CAD file to the vault, this error appears in a dialog:

"A sharing violation occurred while accessing an unnamed file."

I've determined that this is a Windows error message, not a SolidWorks error message. When they change their checkout directory to something on the local machine, the error does not appear when checking in files.

I've set the permissions of the checkout directory in /Users/<user> to be 777, owned by <user> and in the group engineering, which is the same group that the process is that does the checkin. This still does not help. This also does not happen on most CAD files, just some. I cannot determine any differences between files that work and those that don't.

Finally, once the error dialog is dismissed, the CAD system is happy, the changes were committed to the vault. The only side effect is that the working files are left behind in the user's checkout directory and not deleted as they are supposed to be.

It seems to be more of a nuisance than a problem, but I want to fully understand the cause of the problem. Any ideas as to what is causing this error?


David Knuth
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