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Re: Netware 6.5 + Leopard + NFS
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Re: Netware 6.5 + Leopard + NFS

Andrew Bassett wrote:
> I can browse /private/mac via the command line, however, when I open
> /private/mac via finder, I get an hourglass. I checked /var/system.log
> and there are a bunch of errors - "lockd: cannot communicate with
> server".

You can disable NFS locks by adding or changing the line in /etc/hostconfig to:


> Another issue, not as large as the initial, is that I cannot drag the
> icon for the share to the desktop for the user to double click on. He
> is getting an error stating he doesn't have sufficient rights,
> although his user is the admin.

You can't move the mount point, you would have to specify a new mount point in ~/Desktop for the user (where "~" means the user's home directory). You don't want to do this, just create a symlink (an alias) to the mount point for that user.

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