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cupsICCProfile not recognized for lpadmin-created printers
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cupsICCProfile not recognized for lpadmin-created printers

I'm developing a CUPS raster printer driver (filter) that receives 8-bit-per-pixel CUPS_CSPACE_W grayscale raster data, halftones it to black-and-white, and outputs it in a format suitable for sending to the printer. In order to get the 8-bit grayscale values mapped to linear intensity in the same way on all platforms (by a power function with exponent 2.2), I specify a corresponding color profile using the cupsICCProfile keyword in my PPD file.

I have now discovered that this color profile choice is only honored if I create my printer in the Printer Setup Utility, not if I do it through the CUPS web interface or on the command line using lpadmin. Michael Sweet on the cups.development newsgroup ( says that he considers this a bug in Mac OS X. Any opinions?

(Everything else works fine with the lpadmin-created printer, except that the gray values my filter gets are encoded using the 1.8 exponent specified in the Generic Gray Profile.)

Searching the archives, I found that someone else has already had the same problem: <>. However, it seems that the solution suggested there, using makequeues instead of lpadmin, does not work in my case, as makequeues doesn't seem to support arbitrary URIs. I'm not completely sure about this since neither me nor apparently anybody else has ever found any complete documentation about makequeues, but when I feed it the 'serial:' URI I need, it complains 'unknown scheme (serial:)'.


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