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Re: Extracting text objects from PDF page
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Re: Extracting text objects from PDF page

On 6 Jul 2008, at 16:39, David Duncan wrote:

It looks like you want to write a CGPDFDictionaryApplierFunction and call CGPDFDictionaryApplyFunction with it. This will iterate the dictionary calling the applier function for each key & object in it.

Thanks David, that gets me the stream's length and filter name. What I was looking for though is the string of characters that are the contents of the Tj operator, and I just realised how to extract them from the scanner. Really simple, now that I begin to get an inkling of how it works:

void operator_Tj(CGPDFScannerRef scanner, void *info)
CGPDFStringRef pdfString;

// The Tj operator takes a string. Pop the string off the stack.
bool success = CGPDFScannerPopString(scanner, &pdfString);

// Convert the PDF string to an NSString and pass it back up.
if (success) {
((ScannedPageData *)info)->string = (NSString *)CGPDFStringCopyTextString(pdfString);
} else {
((ScannedPageData *)info)->string = nil;


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