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Re: batch export : where is sorenson ?
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Re: batch export : where is sorenson ?

On Feb 20, 2008, at 5:05 AM, Pierre Chatelier wrote:


I am using code similar to to create export settings, and then apply them to a bunch of file without interaction required.
I create settings to transcode movies.
I tried with ComponentDescription equal to {MovieExportType, kQTFileTypeMovie, 0 or kAppleManufacturer, hasMovieExportUserInterface or 0, hasMovieExportUserInterface or 0}
Everything works fine, I can select different formats (H264, PNG...), but why does Sorenson3 not appear in the possible formats ? It does in QuicktimePlayer. I would like to make a preset with it.

Go into QuickTime Preferences -> Advanced. Click on "Show Legacy Encoders". We haven't disallowed any "legacy" formats, but we are hiding them by default. If you have saved settings with, say Sorenson 3, and you restore those settings, then show the dialog, Sorenson 3 will show up in the dialog, regardless of whether you've clicked the "show legacy encoders" check box.

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 >batch export : where is sorenson ? (From: Pierre Chatelier <email@hidden>)

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