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Configuring QuickTime MSI
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Configuring QuickTime MSI

Anyone out there have a MSI Script for the latest QuickTime for Windows?

What I want to do: When a security patch or upgrade comes up from Apple, have QuickTime update itself with out the user interaction or nags about updating to Pro. At the very least have the System Admin push a command down the network to update Windows machines.  We have Windows XP SP2 install across new Compaq Core2 Duo machines or older HP Pentium 4, approximately 200 users.  The current Admin doesn't want QT on the network and would rather not mess with a MSI.  

Too bad MS Media player doesn't decode MPEG-4 H.264 from QTSS....  

Here's what I've found cruising the net. Not sure if this works.  


From what I can         Tell:DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS=0 Prevents the desktop shortcut from being created (this works)QTTaskRunFlags=0    

Disables the system tray icon (this works)QTINFO.BISQTPRO=1Might remove the QuickTime "upgrade to pro" nags (haven't verified)REBOOT_REQUIRED=NoPossible this might suppress the force rebooting I once saw (haven't verified)SCHEDULE_ASUW=0 or INSTALL_ASUW=0 or  REGSRCH_INSTALL_ASU=0One of these might disable the check for the "check for updates automatically" option
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