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SAFARI resize problem solved -was: JavaScript code for full screen
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SAFARI resize problem solved -was: JavaScript code for full screen

on 06/03/04 4:06, Loic Le Guilly email@hidden
> It seems that my code doesn't work with Safari :
> <script language="javascript">
> <!--
> window.moveTo(0,0)
> //-->
> </script>
> See example here :
> Is it the way I open the window ?

I have seen this problem all the time but never been
able to understand why.
I decided to do some  experiments an now I believe I
found it.

My own pages always work when they are opened from my
page but when they are opened from a link  somewhere
else they sometimes do not work.
After experimenting with the settings in my Golive
actions I found why.

If you open the page in a window  which is set to open
any where else on the screen than 0 - 0 the resize is
not working in Safari. The page is moved from your
specified place to 0 - 0 but  it is not resizing.

This is why  I sometimes do not get them resized when
opening the page from Google or from other links.
It is simply that I have my window  somewhere else on
the screen than 0 - 0

I still mean that the resize function on the page
should be left so that you are not taking full control
of the screen.

I know that there are some people complainig about the
automatic resizing , but to me it is actually a service
to the viewers so that they get the full experience .
Actually I believe most PC viewers already have the
window filling the screen and they will not even
discover the change.

Safari unfortunatley does not have a standard button or
keystroke for filling the screen. However there is a
simple bookmarklet  which does it.


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