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CNN - panoramic photo view from Freedom Tower
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CNN - panoramic photo view from Freedom Tower

Just saw a segment on CNN showing a balloon tethered 1400 feet over NY with remote controlled camera to create panoramic photos of NY skyline to show prospective tenants the view from the tower.

I know it is not new approach as kite panos have been around long time, and I'm sure someone has done a balloon one, but it is nice to see it's use talked about on TV. Of course in this case they could have had similar photos taken prior to 9/11 to show similar views.

I have thought about this balloon approach for things like golf tournaments instead of constructing towers, (kind of like a cheap blimp). The thing about the NY one is I think it was tethered at one point so it will move with the wind. I would think three tether points spread far enough apart would give more control, at least in light wind. I guess with 1400 feet spreading a few hundred at base may not do much?

Did not find anything on their website, was just on TV, but maybe it will pop up on the site later on. Anyone from list doing this project?

David Goldwasser
Inertia, LLC
ph: 901.526.4562
fx: 877.873.2331

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