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Re: Can someone check this on a mac please
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Re: Can someone check this on a mac please

On May 29, 2007, at 5:43 AM, Markus Altendorff wrote:

Pete - Sphereworks Ltd schrieb:
This link is using the same code to display in images, can you check if this
is working to.  To my knowledge this is working fine, so it will be
interesting if any of you can't get this working.

All b0rken on my Safari 2.04 / 10.4.9 / QT 7.1.6

Same _javascript_ error in the detectvr.js as the other pages ("TypeError, undefined value, line 185")

184: var words = navigator.plugins[i].name.split(" ");
185: var version = words[2].split(".");

Maybe it's something as simple as Safari's _javascript_ engine not liking certain variable names?

  This is caused by a bug in QuickTime 7.1.6. The problem is that one of the two QuickTime plug-ins installed on the Mac (one uses the Safari plug-in APIs, and one uses the old Netscape plug-in APIs) has the wrong name in _javascript_. The named property should be "QuickTime Plug-in 7.1.6", but instead it is "QuickTime Plug-in" so line 185 fails because "words[2]" is NULL since there are only two words in the name. 

  We have fixed the problem for the next release of QuickTime, but this script (and others like it) can be changed to work around the problem by continuing to look though the plugins array if there are only two words in the name of a QuickTime plug-in. Something like this will work for this script:

if(navigator.plugins[i].name.indexOf("QuickTime Plug-in")!=-1)
var words = navigator.plugins[i].name.split(" ");
if ( words.length < 3 )
var version = words[2].split(".");
var min = minQTVersion.split(".");

  Sorry for the inconvenience,

Eric Carlson
QuickTime Engineering
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