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Tween example port to QTJ
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Tween example port to QTJ

OK, I've been determined to get tweens figured out, but my attempts to apply the lessons of the docs < documentation/QuickTime/Rm/MediaTypesAndHandlers/MHFundamentals/G- Chapter copy 3/chapter_1000_section_3.html> result in movies with tween tracks that don't actually do anything.

So, I ported the QTSndTween example < samplecode/qtsndtween/listing2.html> to QTJ. All the original code is commented in-line so you can see the line-by-line C-to-Java translations. The example opens a movie and adds a 0-to-512 volume tween. You might want to use it on a small movie (like 10 sec) to get the effect. Like the original, it saves the new movie (with tween) to disk, but also opens it in an AWT frame so you can play it. Or, open the saved movie in QT Player and view properties to see the tween track.

OK, coming up against the Apple listserv size limit. I zipped the code to fit; hope this doesn't bounce.


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