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Re: how to fix lag in quicktime for java?
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Re: how to fix lag in quicktime for java?


On Feb 16, 2006, at 8:52 AM, Shou ryuujo wrote:

I ran the class "" from and tried to run it Mac to Mac. Basically both sides run the transmission through .SDP file and I "double-click" on the .SDP file to open a receiving quicktime Player. The transfer worked- both sides can ehar eachother but it has a 3-4 second lag. I know I didnt write a receiving class but just used the default but should there be such a lag? Anyway to decrease the lag? I saw .setPreferedRate but I got errors when I try to call that. Anyone know?

This delay is a client side RTP buffer. You can control the size of this buffer in the QuickTime Player by selecting:
On Mac: QuickTime Player >
On Windows: Edit > Preferences >
Then, on either:
> QuickTime Preferences... and the Streaming tab
Then by moving the slider down to > Play: Immediately

This will allow you to control specifically the amount of lag, or rather, delay.
You can also experiment by disabling "Instant-On".

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