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Technical Question: How to cache streaming video?
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Technical Question: How to cache streaming video?

 Hi Everybody.

I am new to the wonderful world of MAC OS X.

I am working to implement a network design to deliver streaming video to
high school from an university. Due to limited bandwidth, (we use the
network connection of the University - Incomming traffic is always full.)
I want to cache the contents directly in the school, so that the 30
students watching the -same- movie will not overload the bandwidth
to/from my server.

I know the : RTSP/RTP Proxy for Mac OS X Server 1.2 and earlier
-<Used to give client machines within a protected network access to
streaming servers outside that network. >

But they don't mention at all if this software will actually cache any
And that's what I am really looking for.

Could any one help me on this, or direct me to a product that would
actually cache the content?

Thanks a lot.

Jean-Francois Amiot
Network Applications Specialist
Netera Alliance Inc.
Bio Sciences 530B
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary AB T2N 1N4
Tel (403) 220-2675
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