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TCP Window Autotuning in Leopard
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TCP Window Autotuning in Leopard

According to the discussion on NANOG

On Oct 21, 2007, at 10:38 PM, Leo Bicknell wrote:
Windows Vista, and next week Mac OS X Leopard introduced a significant
improvement to the TCP stack, Window Auto-Tuning.  FreeBSD is
committing TCP Socket Buffer Auto-Sizing in FreeBSD 7.  I've also
been told similar features are in the 2.6 Kernel used by several
popular Linux distributions.

Today a large number of consumer / web server combinations are limited
to a 32k window size, which on a 60ms link across the country limits
the speed of a single TCP connection to 533kbytes/sec, or 4.2Mbits/ sec.
Users with 6 and 8 MBps broadband connections can't even fill their
pipe on a software download.

This could mean a TCP buffer of up to 1 MB per each opened TCP connection, or GB's for thousands
of connections, if your users are far away and have broadband.

Does anyone know

- if this is true for Leopard ?
- Will it be true for the X Server ?
- Will it require any configuration changes to make use of ?
- Does it require any other changes (such as more room for scratch files) for X Server web or streaming use ?

I don't see a word about this in the "Mac OS X Server
Upgrading and Migrating For Version 10.5 Leopard" document.


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